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2013/04/02 ADB-JSC Cooperation in Septage Management Star

ADB-JSC Cooperation in Septage Management Start

Asian Development Bank(ADB) and Japan Sanitation Consortium(JSC) signed an agreement for cooperation on accelerating provision of sanitation and wastewater management services in the Asia-Pacific region.

ADB and JSC agreed to strengthen their cooperation on the following fields.
(1) ADB and JSC experts to participate in events, seminars ,workshops and trainings on sanitation issues organized by the respective institution.

(2) Provision from JSC of advice to ADB's operation in the sanitation sector upon the regional department.

(3) Provision from JSC of assessments on sanitation issues in developing member countries upon ADB's request.

(4) Coordination from JSC of the potential collaboration between ADB and sanitationreleted institutions in Asia and the Pacific, including those in Japan such as the Water and Environment Solution Hub (WES Hub).
As a member of JSC, JECES signed this agreement.